Specialising in Self managed Superannuation for our clients / trustees. With an emphahsis on Global Macro economic issues impacting your investments. With this in mind we can build portfolios that are better equipped to navigate your hard earned capital through these turbulent markets for the next few years.

Our Services extend to creating Value for all clients with a proposition that covers off on many aspects of wealth creation.

Investment Service Features for clients:-
> Access to all investments on the ASX
> Investing in precious metals - (insurance for your wealth)
> Exchange traded Funds
> Access to Index Funds             (low management fees)
> kept up to date with Global macro Economic issues
> Access to Listed & unlisted corporate Bonds on ASX

Your 100% Online Features as a client:-
> personal cashflow management
> 100% online  budgeting service
> Manange all Income to Household
> Monitor your personal tax position all year round
> Your own login and password to your Online Document manager
> your kept up to date on all investments with our Online document manager

Authorised Representative
Lionsgate Financial Group Pty. Ltd.  Australian Financial Services License No. 342766