Who we are

Mackay Financial Planning Careers Development Group Inc (MFPCDG) was formed out of a need to make a career pathway for interested people, wishing to enter the financial planning profession. Careers can start at any stage in life, our resources start with secondary school students right through to people with exisitng professional qualificatiosn and wishing a career change ...

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Secondary School

SECONDARY SCHOOL BURSARIES .... Financial planning is a great career choice, it is rated in the top three occupations across a number of criteria including, financial rewards, job satisfaction and work environment. Studying business subjects at high school can lead to a career in this young and dynamic profession.


To become a professional Financial Planner is a very rewarding career choice. Our local Central Queensland University offers a degree in financial planning. There are also a number of other course providers around Australia in both tertiary education and vocational education. The members of our group have extensive knowledge and experience that they would be more than happy to share with anyone interested in a career in financial planning.

Career Change

Financial planning is a career where you get to really help people to achieve their goals. A career in financial planning provides a great deal of job satisfaction as well as being financially rewarding. A recent survey listed financial planning as one of the top three careers across a number of criteria. If you have a strong interest in the economy and your passion is to work with people to achieve their goals then this might be the career for you.

Uni Students

EARN & LEARN .... are you considering studying at university or are you currently studying at university. Why not earn while you learn. BURSARIES .... available from time to time, use contact us on this website to discover the bursaries on offer currently. We have a number of financial planning practices that are keen to employ students while they are studying for their financial planning degree.